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Our tailored tuxedo, designed to elevate your wardrobe and make a lasting impression. Each tuxedo embodies the essence of bespoke tailoring, tailored to perfection to ensure a flawless fit and timeless elegance. From premium fabrics to exquisite detailing, every aspect is carefully curated to exceed your expectations. Whether you're making a statement in the boardroom or celebrating life's special moments, our suits are a symbol of refined taste and individuality.

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3D Customization software

Design Your Tuxedo Online

Unlock the power of personalization with our exclusive designer tool, where you can customize every detail of your made-to-measure suit. From lapels to pockets, inner lining, and beyond, explore endless options through our intuitive online 3D configurator. Craft your perfect look effortlessly and purchase your bespoke men's suit with ease, all from the comfort of your own home.

Customize Your Tuxedo

100% Customizable

Personalize your bespoke tuxedo from using a wide range of fabrics.

Explore our extensive collection of fabrics sourced globally, ranging from branded to non-branded selections. Whether you prefer premium blends, 100% wool, or luxury high-performance fabrics, we have options to cater to every taste. With complete customization available, your dream tuxedo becomes a reality.

The Bespoke Process

Select the Fabric

Discover our latest collection of trendy suit fabrics, updated each season to keep you stylish year-round. Our extensive selection ensures you have access to a variety of fabrics suitable for every season, allowing you to stay on-trend.

Design Your Custom tuxedo

Customize your tuxedo from collar to pockets, inner lining, and beyond, and explore endless options through our intuitive online 3D configurator. Craft your perfect look effortlessly and purchase your bespoke men's shirt with ease.

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Book an appointment with one of our experienced tailored or our easy-to-follow guided walkthrough makes it simple to take your measurements from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always recommend at least two fittings at our store after the initial purchase. Each session takes between 45 – 60 minutes.

Suits take anywhere between 3-5 working days to be completed.

Tuxedos, comprising both jackets and trousers, typically require infrequent cleaning. However, when cleaning is necessary, adhere to these guidelines to maintain their pristine appearance:

  1. Dry clean only.
  2. Clean jackets no more than four times annually.
  3. Clean trousers no more than once a month if frequently worn.
  4. Avoid steaming if creased; opt for professional pressing instead.
  5. Spot clean with water and mild detergent when necessary.
  6. Allow the natural fibers of your suit to rest periodically.
  7. Limit wearing your suit to two or three times per week.
  8. After wear, hang your suit in a ventilated space to preserve freshness and minimize wrinkling.
  9. Consider purchasing an additional pair of trousers for your favorite suits, as trousers typically show signs of aging faster than jackets. This extra pair can extend the lifespan of your suit.

Yes, once you are happy with the size and fit of garments, we will record your measurements and use them for future orders (unless your body size has changed).

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